Invictus Bastion Tower


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The pock marked, battle scared surface of Australis is littered with many left over relics from battles passed. Surviving the protracted campaigns of the first Terminus war, these hulking strongholds of plasteel and ballistic rapidcrete are were permanent watchtowers, as opposed to the drop shipped, temporary self erecting structures currently favoured by Invictus forces. They have become important strategic points for Invictus troopers and their various enemies alike, and can often be found with squads of beleaguered troops sheltering inside, cut off from their comrades.

This is a huge kit, designed to hide your biggest units behind! Chuck one or two of these on your table and have a nice piece of cover for your big stompy robots! The kit includes a removable roof for you to place troops inside or use as storage for smaller kits when not on the table.

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