Wet palettes are great for making your miniature paint last longer. Take a break from painting and when you come back your paint will still be usable even days later. We offer multiple sizes of wet palette at great prices.

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What is a wet palette?

A wet palette consists of a container, water, a sponge (or similarly absorbent material) and a layer of slightly porous material on top. The porous material slowly delivers moisture to your paint preventing it from drying out so quickly.

What is the difference between a wet and a dry palette?

A dry palette is commonly a non-porous plastic or metal surface (or even sometimes a tile) you can use to work with paint before applying it to a miniature. A wet palette introduces moisture to the surface without flooding your paint allowing you to work with for longer without it drying out.

Why use a wet palette?

Both wet palettes and dry palettes provide a surface for mixing paints, working with mediums, making glazes etc. Things that wouldn’t be possible when working straight from a pot. Using a wet palette allows you to work with your paint for much longer which in turn reduces the amount of paint you use over time.

What are the different types of wet palette?

Wet palettes generally come in small and large sizes. Small palettes are suitable for the majority of painters. The larger palettes are probably more suited to commission painters and painters who work with a large amount of colours at once and require more space for their miniature paints.