Browse our wide range of miniature paints including airbrush paint, inks, washes, metallic paints, primers and more. Take your hobby project to the next level with chipping medium, rust and blood effects. Keep your miniatures protected with Vallejo varnish.

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Vallejo Metal Colour – Jet Exhaust 32ml


Vallejo Metal Colour – Gold 32ml


Vallejo Metal Colour – Pale Burnt Metal 32ml


Vallejo Metal Colour – Magnesium 32ml


Vallejo Game Colour – Silver 17ml


Vallejo Game Air – Glorious Gold 17ml


Scale 75 Scalecolor Metal n’ Alchemy Dwarven Gold 17ml


Scale 75 Scalecolor Metal n’ Alchemy Speed Metal 17ml


Vallejo Metal Colour – Gunmetal Grey 32ml


Vallejo Surface Primer Pure Red 17ml


Vallejo Model Colour – Metallic Metal Blue 17ml


Vallejo Model Colour – Metallic Brass 17ml


Vallejo Model Air – Metallic Black 17ml


Vallejo Game Colour – Bright Bronze 17ml


Vallejo Game Air – Gunmetal Metal 17ml


Vallejo Game Air – Chainmail Silver 17ml


What is the difference between Model Colour, Game Colour, Model Air and Premium?

Vallejo offers four different water-based chemical formulas in these miniature paint ranges, each one created for a particular segment of the hobby market, but all compatible with one another.

Model Colour and Panzer Aces are creamy, highly opaque acrylics formulated principally for brush application: the two ranges total some 246 matte colours and mediums, and 8 brilliant alcohol based metallic colours.

Game Colour has been developed for tabletop games. The range consists of 119 acrylic colours, washes and inks; designed for painting small figures, the formula has a lower viscosity than Model Colour and a resin more resistant to frequent handling. The colours provide opaque coverage without loss of minute detail.

Model Air is a line of 129 colours which have been formulated especially for airbrushing, although they are also frequently used for painting small details with a brush.

These product lines are further augmented with a line of Washes, and a complete assortment of Medium, Varnishes and auxiliary products.

Premium Colour, a new range of 51 colours and 8 auxiliary products, developed with a new hybrid acrylic-polyurethane resin of extreme strength, has been designed principally for use in an Airbrush and for surfaces exposed to handling and exterior conditions.

Can I mix Model Colour with Game Colour and Model Air?

Yes, all Vallejo acrylic colours can be mixed with one another and with Vallejo Mediums and Varnishes.

Can I mix Vallejo acrylic colours with other brands of paint?

Vallejo acrylic colours can be mixed with all water-based acrylics.

Is Model Air to be used only in airbrushes?

Model Air has been formulated especially for use with an airbrush, but it can be applied with a brush, and is especially useful for small details and shading.

Can I apply Model Colour or Game Colour with an airbrush if I dilute them with water or a thinner?

Yes, but it depends on the colours. Please consider that Model Air and Premium have been formulated especially for airbrushing, while some colours in Game and Model Colour are not suitable for being dispersed in the air.