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Painting for Life with Knights of Dice

24 hour painting marathon

Australian terrain aficionados Knights of Dice will soon be live streaming for 24 hours whilst they paint miniatures, discuss hobbies and generally have a good time.

This isn’t just about getting through that hobby “pile of shame” though. The streaming marathon aims to raise money for Beyond Blue who do great work helping people affected by anxiety, depression or suicide.

Keeping people talking, breaking down the stigma of mental health (especially amongst men) and providing an outlet for people to talk is just as important (if not more!) to ‘Painting for Life’ than the awesome sponsors and guests we have lined up.

When is it?

The event starts at 10am on Friday 24th September and runs non-stop until the following morning.

The schedule is constantly being updated as new guests join and things need to be juggled around, so check back regularly to see what is happening and when. The last update to the schedule will be the night before the stream (23rd September) allowing the maximum amount of time to fit everything in.

All times are AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) – you can find when things are happening in your timezone by using the Time and Date website

Guests include

  • Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught – the only LEGO Certified Professional (LCP) in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Luke Fellows – UK based hobbyist and owner of Geek Gaming Scenics
  • Trent – the man behind all the weird and wonderful Miscast videos
  • Ara Harwood – owner of Mana Press, a local Melbourne outfit that produces a range of fun yet simple and engaging tabletop games
  • and many more!

Product giveaways

In addition to all this great content there will be a big product giveaway! People who donate $10 or more during the fundraising campaign will entered into the draw to win something.

Hobby Station are proud to be one of the sponsors of this event and a few lucky donors will win a $30 voucher each.

More information

More information on the event can be found at the Knights of Dice event page.

If you’d like to donate to the cause you can do so at their Beyond Blue fundraising page.

If you yourself or someone you know suffers from anxiety, depression or are having suicidal thoughts, you can find support at

Knights of Dice at Hobby Station

Invictus Communication Tower

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $25.50.

Invictus Barracks Comms Array

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