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Paint ideas, Warhammer 40k

Paint ideas: Warhammer 40k Thousand Sons

The Thousand Sons recently received a new Codex and a box set alongside the Grey Knights so what better time to stock up on miniature paints for them.

Below we’ve put together a selection of miniature paints that will help you get your Thousand Sons looking great for the tabletop.

Who are the Thousand Sons?

The Thousand Sons were the XV Legion of the original twenty Space Marine Legions. Their Primarch is Magnus, oft called Magnus the Red. The Legion turned traitor during the Horus Heresy, after which it relocated to Sortiarius, the Planet of Sorcerers, in the Eye of Terror, and dedicated itself to the Chaos God of change, sorcery and magic, Tzeentch.

With the only surviving cognisant members being those incredibly strong in heretical psychic powers, the Thousand Sons are now a legion of ghosts led by the damned.

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What miniature paints do I need for Thousand Sons?

The Thousand Sons traditionally wear vibrant turquoise armour with gold embellishments. A bright yellow is often used as an accent colour. Thousands Sons miniatures have an Egyptian aesthetic with large decorative helmets, stripes and and ornate armour. They sometimes wear pale blue/red coloured robes with gold decorative areas. The Thousand Sons are entombed in their power armour so you shouldn’t need to worry about painting skin tones. Some miniatures have warp flames emanating from them which look great in a glowing green colour.

The following miniature paints form a great basis for your Thousand Sons army:

Additional hobby tools

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