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Warhammer 40k

Arc40k – Australia’s largest Warhammer 40k tournament

This month will see over 150 keen tabletop wargamers battle it out at the Arc 40k Warhammer 40,000 tournament.

The tournament is due to take place over the 28th and 29th August 2021 in Coburg, Melbourne (COVID permitting).

The deadline for army lists to be submitted has been extended to the 15th August 2021. Here’s hoping the event goes ahead as a planned!

A good looking Warhammer tournament

Arc 40k is best known for being more about the creative side of Warhammer 40k than the competitive side. Sure it’s still a tournament but it’s not just about winning the most games.

The winner will be the Player with the highest combined overall score in Victory Points, Sportsmanship, Army Presentation, and Army Composition

Arc 40k Player Pack

That’s right, during each of your 6 games you’ll be scoring each other on Sportsmanship as well as how good your miniatures look, right down to their bases and how cohesive they are as a whole.

Miniatures will need at least five colours of paint, shades or washes applied. This doesn’t include the base or primer colour.

In addition, every miniature with a base will need it painted with at least one colour and texture.

Hobby Station will be competing for the first time!

We will be competing with 1600 points of bloated, rotting Death Guard. Disgusting!

There’s still a bit more to paint but we’re on track to field a good looking army. Here’s a sample of our models that’ll be stinking it up on the tabletop…

Death Guard Deathshroud Terminator Champion
Death Guard Deathshroud Terminator Champion
Death Guard Tallyman and Foul Blightspawn (work in progress)
Death Guard Tallyman and Foul Blightspawn (work in progress)
Two Death Guard Plagueburst Crawlers side by side
Death Guard Plagueburst Crawlers

You can find more tournament information at the Arc 40k website and at their Facebook page.